Book Spotlight: Barakah Beats by Maleeha Siddiqui

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Barakah Beats was a well-plotted, thoughtful middle grade book with a dynamic look at how to maintain one’s values while transitioning into mainstream, public school.

After twelve-year-old Nimra masters memorizing the Quran, she moves from Islamic school to public middle school for seventh grade. It may be where her longtime friend attends, but her friend’s presence doesn’t help with Nimra’s transition. In fact, it seems to make it harder for Nimra to find where she belongs. Because her friend is embarrassed by Nimra wearing her hijab and praying at school.

But Nimra does find a place to belong – surprisingly, in an 8th grade boy band! Suddenly, she is more popular than she expected (or wanted). She likes her bandmates and is embraced for her cultural traditions. Only, performing music is against her family and her own principles.

Barakah Beats explore the unique challenge of finding your community but maintaining your own specific beliefs within that community. This book gives the reader a lot to think about. How would you approach trying to fit in at a new school if the thing that makes you belong goes against your principles?

I think Maleeha Siddiqui does a marvelous job of creating such a strong, devout female character who has to stand up for what is right for her. Nimra is an inspiring character and a wonderful role model for young girls who want to uphold their beliefs.

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    Excellent review.

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