I am currently querying Tangled Up:

Thirteen-year-old former mean girl, Rhett, wants to land a part in the aerial dance show. But her thoughtless prank lands her in hot water instead. Unless she pays for damages—and cleans up her act—she won’t get to audition or earn a spot in the elite aerial company.

Other projects: Maira and the Rainbow City:

Upper left: skull on mat with burnt-looking fruit
Upper middle: five figures dancing on the desert sand at sunset
Upper right: orange butterflies resting on desert flowers
Middle left: yellow gecko perched on green plant
Middle right: gold necklace laid out on grayish fabric
Lower left: orange rose
Lower left middle: multi-colored stones
Lower right middle: stacks of colorful scarves
Lower right: starry night in the desert with bushy trees

Eleven-year-old Maira becomes an aranea (wishgiver) to help her mother after her father doesn’t return from the Exalted One’s Hundred Year War. But her mother’s wishes take Maira and her sisters into the Exalted One’s palace where one of them seems more bent on revenge than finding happiness.

More projects: I’m plotting and scheming a spooky middle grade and a middle grade mystery.

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