Book Spotlight: The Last Hope in Hopetown by Maria Tureaud

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Last Hope in Hopetown is a fang-tastically, spooky debut that flips the script on our perceptions of vampires. In a world where vampires have come into the light and joined society, they are no longer the blood-thirsty villains but have jobs and own homes and raise children.

That’s not to say they have been fully accepted by humans.

Twelve-year-old Sophie has two adoptive vampire mothers. And even though they’re a happy family, they still have to face ongoing visits from Child Protective Services and laws that restrain vampires like a nightly curfew. Then there’s the added tension from the growing number of vampires mysteriously going rogue!

Maria Tureaud spins an engaging and fast-paced story which at its core gives voice to important issues of exploring and accepting differences and learning as a society how to be more inclusive. I really enjoyed the dynamic between Sophie and her best-vampire friend, Delphine, and the affection between Sophie and her moms.

This book has plenty of mystery, humor, and heart – a great middle grade read!

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