Listed below are several resources I have employed on my writing journey:

Writer’s Digest: A comprehensive website for improving your writing and providing loads of information on getting published.

NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing Month now functions year-round and provides a creative, supportive community. Their events and pep talks are all meant to encourage and inspire you. Completing one of their challenges can feel like an accomplishment and give you a good jump-start on your novel.

Manuscript Wish List: A great resource for more information on literary agents interests and what they are currently seeking. This link is specifically for a useful article on creating a literary pitch for Twitter. However, you can still explore the rest of the website for agents you are interested in querying. Some agents have links directly to this site.

QueryTracker: An online system for connecting you with literary agents and helping track queries. This can be useful when you read about an agent and are interested in knowing how they respond to queries and if there are any success stories, etc. The comments section is very helpful and does provide a sense of community during the agonizing process of querying.

Query Shark: An essential blog for those querying literary agents. Janet Reid, a literary agent, is witty and perceptive. There is also a link on the blog for private critique.

Query Tips: Literary agent Eric Smith’s blog on query letters is an excellent resource with successful query letters across genres and why they were successful.

Thoughts on the Publishing Industry: Literary agent, editor, and writer, Hannah VanVels Ausbury has another excellent resource with her blog on different aspects of publishing industry.

InkWell Spills: A fantastic website with countless writing resources and support for writers.

JerichoWriters on Elevator Pitch: Another helpful website with writing and publishing resources. This link is specifically for the article on literary pitch examples.

PitchBLK: PitchBLK is a Twitter Pitch event to celebrate and showcase black creativity. The website has information about these events as well as opportunities to connect with publishing professionals and publishing resources.

Burgeon Design and Editorial: Tiffany Grimes is a fantastic developmental editor who teaches classes on writing, editing, and querying. She also provides editorial services.

Northern Colorado Writers: A local community of writers supported by a committed leadership team. There are local writing organizations across the country. Joining one can help you connect with other writers and those who provide critique and editorial services. You can also find information on events and workshops.

Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers: A large community organization with tons of resources, events, workshops, and an active group of writers.

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